How to Wisely Choose a Roommate

image of an apartment

Finding the perfect roommate can be difficult especially after settling into your new apartment. First, you want the peace and quiet. Second, you want them to respect your boundaries. Of course, you can’t just say yes to the first person that’s interested in rooming with you. You want someone you can trust. After all, you’ll be inviting this person into your home.

So, when you’re looking for a roommate, treat it as though you’re looking for a soulmate. Well, minus the romance! Having said that, don’t rush into anything abrupt until you’re sure you have the right chemistry.

Advice to people when someone is moving in: 

  • Ask for references¬†from their past roommates. And while you might find someone ranting about that person, you’re calling to scope up consistencies. If this person has had ten roommates within the past year, you may want to walk away.
  • References from landlords are also a good indicator. They can verify your potential roommate and tell you whether they’ve been paying on time or not.
  • Run a credit check on this person. You want to know whether they can pay their bills on time especially when you want to split the bill on utilities like Internet services, cable, phone, and electricity.
  • Get to know the person for a couple of hours in a public area. Get to know who they are. What are their likes and dislikes?

Advice when you’re moving into someone else’s home:

  • When you’re moving into someone else’s place, you may want to meet everyone in the household first.
  • A copy of their lease will give you an insight of what the property is like.
  • Let your new landlord know that you can be added to the lease if they elect to do so.
  • Ask why there is a vacancy on the place.
  • Spend a few hours with your potential landlord to see if you have any interests together.