7 Struggles We Face From College to Adulthood

Woman working on her phone

Let’s face it. If you’re new to adulting, you might find yourself playing a completely different ball game. It’s not similar to waking up early to listen to your professors all day. No, you’re out there! You’re working, paying bills, and paying more bills. The wild days of being carefree are gone as you dip your toes in the ocean of adulthood. It’s still something you’re still learning to grasp. Nonetheless, this is in your honor.

1.¬†You’re Always Broke.

Maybe it’s from all the partying on your first couple of paychecks, but you’ll learn a hard truth about bills. They’re ruthless, and you’ll seem to feel like you’re always strapped for cash.

2. You Dedicate Saturdays for Sleeping

After long days at work, there’s no way will you devote your free time for fun. Sleep is important, and you’ll be damned to wake up at early hours just to chill.

3. 5 PM is Cocktail Hour

You used to take shots for fun, but now you’re drinking a cocktail to relieve yourself from that chatter box at work. Cheers to you.

4. Your Calendar is Booked.

Spontaneity? What’s that? You have work from Monday to Friday. Sleep on Saturday, and errands on Sunday. You have no time in your calendar for fun.

5. You Cancel All Your Plans For Free Food.

Whether it’s your coworker, acquaintance, or your grumpy old neighbor– if someone says free food, you’re there. No excuses.

6. We’ll Miss Our Mom.

We’ll start to appreciate our mom because of everything she’s done. Whether that’s from giving us medicine when we’re sick or cooking up a homemade meal. Shout out to mom for giving us the greatest conveniences in life.

7. Still, You Power Through No Matter What Lemon Life Throws At You

Because you’re an independent individual with so much potential to conquer it all.