Moving Tips for College Students

image of a college classroom

For college students, moving is one of the most thrilling parts about school. The idea of meeting new people from the same campus, and having them around for the next couple of years. But there’s one thing that is not often addressed, and that is the act of moving. We know; it’s a dread. But someone’s gotta do it, so we’ve come up with a few ways to move your belongings the easy way!

1. When you don’t want to damage the spines of your books, pack them horizontally in the box.

2. Never pack clothes in plastic bags that are meant for long term use. Only use them to cover hanging items or short-term purposes. Because moisture can build up in the bag, there’s a possibility of mold buildup.

3. Wash your clothes before packing them or placing in storage.

4. Use wardrobe boxes for heavier clothing like quilts and winter coats.

5. Work with newsprints for glasses to prevent them from cracking.

6. Put heavy items like dishes to the bottom of the box and add fillers like blankets to prevent them from shattering. Lastly, add fillers at the top of the box, and seal it tightly with tape. Write ‘FRAGILE’ on the box as a reminder.

7. Do not use plastic bags when packing blankets, pillows, and comforters.

8. Always label your boxes on every side so you’re not rummaging through your belongings.

9. Have an inventory of things you place in the boxes so you have a helpful reference when you need access to them again.

10. When you have a storage unit, always utilize the space. Every unit is about 8 feet in ceilings so stack your chairs, mattresses, and couches vertically.

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