BBB Warns of Moving Scams

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Moving Scams Are Everywhere

Better Business Bureau is an agency that continues to protect consumers from businesses that practice shady transactions. It is in their best efforts to create a functional customer-business relationship that helps the nation grow economically. So, when the BBB is receiving numerous complaints about a particular moving company, they jump to an investigation.Movers Las Vegas - Commercial Moving

The agency has said that they have given a moving company an F-rating due to the countless complaints they’re been receiving. Canadian Van Lines was said to deliver poor customer service. This ranged from forcing clients to retrieve their items in storage spaces to failing to show up on appointment dates.

According to customers, the moving company wanted them to pay for an initial consultation which was half of the fee. When they did that, movers would not show up on the appointed date. Confused, they continue to call the moving company without luck. Instead, Canadian Van Lines made up stories as to why they were arriving late. It’s not until customers realized that they were being conned.

Some customers had to move their things without the help of the moving company and fought for their deposit. From one customer to the next, many of them find ease in knowing that they’re not the only one experiencing the same treatment.

Still, Canadian Van Lines are fighting against the allegations saying that it has been under new management for the past year and a half; complaints were minimal. According to spokesman Mark Ians, “Even over the last three years, there was only 30 to 35 complaints, out of over 2,000 moves.”

Better Business Bureau has stated that the moving company has had 57 complaints in the span of three years, and the moving company has failed to respond to 23 of them.