Moving Out-of-State Checklist

couple moving boxes

When moving, you want to be prepared as early as possible so you won’t have to cram when your moving date is getting closer. Organizing your move doesn’t hurt and doesn’t even cost you a penny!

A Checklist for Your Move

An out-of-state move, how exciting! It’s not that different from moving to the other side of town except for the distance. Although it might be quite a hassle, it’s totally not impossible with proper preparation. Make your move to another state smoother and easier with this checklist.

1. Two Months Before

Check every room of your home and decide which ones are you going to keep and which ones are you going to toss away. Then, start doing your research about different moving companies and request an on-site estimate. Keep a binder wherein you keep track of everything such as your estimates, receipts, and inventory.

2. Six Weeks Before

Start ordering boxes as well as tapes and bubble wraps. Also, start using up things you aren’t moving such as food and cleaning supplies.

3. One Month Before

Choose your mover and confirm the details. Begin packing little by little, starting with the items that you use less frequently. Then, label your boxes as this will help you keep an inventory of your belongings. Don’t forget to separate valuable items such as jewelry and important files to a safe box. You should also go to your local post office and do a change of address, as well as notify your banks, credit card companies, etc.

4. Two Weeks Before

If your moving date is a working day, ask your employer to give you the day off. Tune up your car and ask the mechanic any necessary services if you’re moving to a new climate. Then, contact your moving company and reconfirm arrangements.

5. One Week Before

Stock up on any prescriptions you’ll need and start packing your suitcase.

6. A Few Days Before

Defrost your freezer if you are taking it with you and double-check your moving company’s arrival time and plan for the payment whether you are using a credit card, money order, or cash.

7. Moving Day

Verify that the moving truck is from the company you hired and before the movers leave, sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep a copy.