Moving Cross Country? These Are Things You May Want to Consider


Moving is never a fun task to embark. And moving can especially be painstaking when you’re planning to move across the country. With thousands of miles between you and your new home, it’s never an easy transition. Whatever your reason to move, there are many things to consider before hopping on that plane for good!

Donating Your Things

You want to bring as little as possible when you’re moving long distances. What better way is it to do this by getting rid of some junk? Instead of throwing them away, you can simply host a garage sale or donate them. Whatever your intentions are, don’t bring extra baggages that you will never use again. When you get rid of junk, you’ll be saving money and labor!

Your Furballs

Did you know that taking your pet on board can cost you an additional $100-$600? Depending on your airline, you may want to consider saving up a bit more just to be with your little furballs. If you think that hundreds of dollars sound unreasonable, think about their plane ticket and paperwork to get them riding along with you. Yes, you will need the right paperwork like rabies shots and other medical clearances to get your pets on the plane.

A Reasonable Budget

This isn’t a simple move from one apartment to another. This is a move across the country. With thousands of miles ahead, you want to consider planning ahead. We’re talking about getting the right paperwork for your new home across the nation. These are utilities, deposits, plane tickets, and movers. Do you have enough to do just that? If not, you may want to go back to the drawing board.