Minimalistic Gifts For Friends Who Want More Experiences

Image of a minimalistic interior

We all have that certain friend who practices minimalism. According to some, minimalism gets rid of excess materials to focus on freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. Of course, there are different kinds of minimalistic individuals, but the driving force is pretty much the same.

If these people recently moved to a new home, it would be difficult to purchase them a housewarming gift, right? What would be an appropriate present? The following are ideas to give for the minimalistic person in your life.

The Gift of Service or Time

When you think about it, people want a minimalistic lifestyle because it creates simplicity. Gift them your service or time instead. Consider giving them a few hours of yard work, cleaning, painting, or babysitting. Your recipient would be very happy with the thoughtful gift since they don’t have to add to the pile of things in their home.

Give Them Experiences

Life is about experiences. You can give them simple or extravagant gifts like a gift card to movie nights, couple’s massage, or a dinner to a fancy restaurant. If there’s a play happening around your city, consider buying them a ticket to the performance. The gifts of experiences are endless so see what’s happening around their neighborhood!

Food, Food, Food, and Food!

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like food? One of our friends did this before, and we thought it was super creative. She purchased a cookbook, and it came with everything we needed to bake a certain recipe. If your recipient has a favorite dessert, give them the ingredients and tools to make them. They’ll appreciate the experience of making something they’ll enjoy.

Classes or Lessons

As humans, we should always learn new things! Part of being minimalistic is by expanding your knowledge. Do this by purchasing them classes or lessons. If your friend is looking to improve on an individual skill, gift them that! Experiences like personal finance, language, or even martial arts are just some things you can give. Consider giving them a package of classes, so it’s not just a one-class-wonder.

Are there other things you can think of to gift your minimalistic friends?