How to Keep the Romance Alive When You Move Together

New Planet couple moving in and keeping the romance alive

It’s easy to take each other for granted once you started sharing a space together. But just because you get to see each other every day doesn’t mean you have to let the relationship lose its spark. Effort is the key to keep the romance alive even after living together.

Moving Together and Keeping the Romance Alive

When you move in together with your significant other, there will be a lot of different pros and cons. And one of those cons is having to take each other for granted and putting less effort into the relationship. But moving in shouldn’t have that kind of negative backlash for couples. Here are some ways to keep the romance alive when you move together.

1. Don’t forget to schedule dates

When you spend everyday living together, it may be difficult to find the time and exert more effort to do special things you used to do before you were living together. So make sure to schedule date nights still as much as possible.

2. Keep your individual life

Don’t let the other person be your entire world. Don’t forget your individuality and still find time to hang out with your friends without your significant other. Even if it’s just a simple alone time or a nice, warm bath, do it for yourself.

3. Split chores

Keep your respect to your partner because he/she is not just a roommate, but a special person in your life. And by “respect,” it means cleaning up after your own mess and understanding their personal space and privacy.

4. Don’t get too comfortable

Getting too comfortable, such as not putting in effort to dress up, or doing routines that are very tiring

The Bottom Line

Keeping the spark alive in your relationship shouldn’t feel like a chore. It takes work for both parties, but it’s not impossible even if you move in together.