How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself

guy moving heavy furniture alone

Whether you just want to avoid the cost of professional movers, can’t get your friends together, or just want to move a piece of furniture within your home impulsively, you can still complete this task on your own. Moving heavy furniture by yourself can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Moving Heavy Furniture by Yourself

If you are moving to a new place by yourself, it may just take some time compared to having someone help you move and make the process smoother and easier. However, moving a furniture is a necessary chore that you may have to go through even when you just want to move it within your own home. Here are some tips for moving heavy furniture by yourself.

1. Assess your furniture

Start by assessing the shape, weight, and size of the furniture. If you need to move the piece through a door, a narrow hallway, or up a flight of stairs, take measurements and think of the best way to carry and position the furniture to transfer it without hitting the walls or doorways.

2. Remove the attached parts

Reducing the weight by breaking down each piece of furniture will be a huge load off. Try removing the loose pieces like cushions or pillows for couches and chairs. Also, make sure to fold any collapsible chair, so it takes up less space.

3. Use some sliders

Consider the surface over which you are moving the furniture. Is it slippery, uneven, or sensitive to damage? Getting some sliders from the store can ease the work significantly. Lift each side of the furniture and slide one of the sliders underneath. Then, push the furniture to the desired spot.

4. Use ramps to move furniture up flights of stairs

If you are carrying furniture up or down the stairs, use two boards as ramps. You can push the item up or down by laying it sideways. You may also put some cardboard or an old rug/sheet beneath the furniture that you wish to move and then just pull it.