Efficient Moving Checklist

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There is a long list of things that can make moving hectic: the costs, the time, bribing friends with pizza and beer to help you painstakingly put everything in boxes. Moving has the potential to be chaos unless you make a determination to be organized.
For some the process of moving has little option but to be an elaborate one; perhaps your family has been living somewhere for many years. While you might not be the next hoarder situation, so much can still accumulate. Others may be living the life of a minimalist (however voluntary or involuntary) with little or no furniture and just the essentials. In either case, there are some basic points to remember for making a move as smooth as possible.

Planning Ahead

If possible, it’s recommended to plan your move at least six weeks in advance. Some companies offer free assessments of what it would cost to hire to get you moved, it’s a good idea to start researching which ones might be a good fit.


Start going through your living space to determine what isn’t being used regularly and can be packed up, what you might want to place in storage, and what you might want to give away or sell. Smartphone apps allow you to post belongings online and sell items on your own terms if you prefer not to bear your insides with a yard sale.
Once you have a general idea of what will need to go where you can make any plans that require help or services. Packing up the things, not in everyday use will help make the effort more gradual.


Counting down from about a month before the move, you hopefully have the information necessary to change any policies, open local accounts in the new neighborhood, and send address change notices. Making sure all your personal information stays on the same trail with you prevents potential issues down the line like important mail going to one’s old address.

Clean Break

As the big day draws near, you’ll have everything possible packed and labeled with keywords telling whether contents are fragile, a room designation, and what to unpack first. You’ve hopefully had a chance to turn on all utilities in the new place and checked for functionality as well as any unexpected issues. Return any locally rented items and close out any accounts. Maintaining clear communication with the movers ensures they arrive in the correct place on time.
Websites like us offer additional tips as well as links to moving services. Moving can be streamlined into an efficient process when we take essential steps for the organization.