Effectively Promoting Your Garage Sale


Whether you’re moving to a new city or you want to indulge on extra space in the house, getting rid of junk is important! It’s normal to accumulate years of unwanted things, and it’s okay to feel attached to some of those items. Still, it’s unhealthy to leave them in the home without a purpose. So, when you’re ready to sort through your belongings, the best way to get rid of the junk is through a garage sale! But how do you effectively promote your garage sale? The following are just some simple tips:


Craigslist is a classified website that millions of people visit! They’re broken down by major cities, and many people use this platform as a way to sell and make community announcements. It’s a great tool to let people know that you’ll be having a garage sale in your neighborhood without soliciting others to visit your yard.


There’s nothing wrong with a simple word of mouth. A simple Facebook post can reach hundreds of your friends in a second. It’s a great tool to let the people you know what you’re about to do, and if your friends are extra nice,  they might even share your post to their buddies! To make your posts useful, add some photos that you think would most likely to sell, and feature them!

Community Posters

If you want your community to know about your garage sale, make posters and post it around your neighborhood!  It’s the best way to catch the attention of people around your community.


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