How to Downsize From a House?

Downsizing a home will help you move.

Downsizing forces you to part with many of your belongings whether you’re living in a house or a two-bedroom apartment. When you’re in need to move to a smaller space, you’ll need to plan ahead. Is the thought of moving stressing you out? Well, you don’t have to be! Here at New Planet Moving and Storage, we offer you the following tips to make downsizing easier on you.

How to Downsize

Opt to Auction

You want to find a reputable place to sell your high-end secondhand items. Things such as name brand purses, shoes, watches and wallets often find a new owner by a means of auctioning. You won’t believe how much money you could get with just a simple online listing.

Make a ListMoving is easy when you downsize.

Before you begin to organize your things, make a list of stuff you will not part with. Making a list will help you realize what’s more important in your situation than rummaging through your pod without an effort of emptying your home. After that, the items that did not make it on your list will have to go.

Focus on Areas Without Sentimental Values

We’re talking about the kitchen; many people who read this will NOT need ten mixing bowls to haul along with them. Certainly, you won’t get teary-eyed over that third spatula either. When you’re in need to downsize, opt for a garage sale!

Give Yourself Three Months to Prepare

It’s a headache to thin out your home with only a week of time to move. When you give yourself at least three months to prepare, you’ll be ready for what’s to come. Allot some time out of your day to go over your overflowing filing cabinet, closet space, pantry and other areas that need attention.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

As tempting as it is to throw away all your belongings, remember to reuse, recycle, donate and sell your things! From clothes to furniture, you’ll find someone who is willing to pay money for your junk. Not only will you get rid of your things, but you’ll be making money out of it too.