The Complete Moving Checklist

Image of a home

Let’s face it; Moving is a drag. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than you packing all your things in a box just to unpack it again. You could be one of those people that procrastinate at the last minute, but we suggest to plan ahead! Moving your belongings doesn’t have to be a total drag when you’re doing it week in advanced!  

Here is a complete moving checklist that can make your moving experience a breeze

8 Weeks

  • Look for a moving company using Better Business Bureau, or get recommendations from family and friends.
  • You have responsibilities and rights when it comes to moving! If you didn’t know, check out Protect Your Move. It’s an informative website that prepares you for what to expect when moving.
  • Consider moving insurances. Ask the company about what is covered in each policy and decide which is best for you.
  • When moving to another city, research schools, banks, and doctors. Have all your documents ready for a transfer.

7 Weeks

  • Have a moving company do an estimate of your home. Shop around for at least three moving companies so that you know what you’re dealing with.
  • Create a bin for all your moving-related paperwork and estimates.
  • Create a list of companies that you need to contact to switch to your new address. There are some companies that let you change addresses online so don’t forget to utilize that service.

6 Weeks

  • Start with all the closets in the home. Sort all clothes by getting rid of the ones you don’t use anymore. Go from room to room.
  • Make a smooth transition for your children by transferring school records ahead of time.
  • You’re going to be donating a lot! Make your first round of donations and consider selling items online or hosting a garage sale.

5 Weeks

  • Don’t shop too much at your local grocery store. Instead use up all your food in the refrigerator and pantry to avoid moving additional food.
  • Collect moving supplies such as boxes. At this time, buy tape, labels, and box cutters.
  • Go room to room and start packing your things!

4 Weeks

  • Go to and fill out a change-of-address form.
  • Ask for vacation time for your move and look for a babysitter if you need it.
  • Confirm your selected moving company and double check your selected insurance coverage for all items.

3 Weeks

  • Cancel all deliveries such as magazines and package subscriptions. Instead, start forwarding them to your new home.
  • Rather than having movers transfer all your valuables like small family heirlooms, paperwork, and jewelry, do it yourself.

2 Weeks

  • In case you are moving appliances like washers, make sure that they are unplugged and clean. If you need someone to disconnect the gas line, let a professional handle it.
  • Continue to pack more items, and don’t anticipate until the very last minute.
  • Get some cash for tips for your movers. Additionally, have money for extra expenses in case of emergencies.
  • Don’t forget your prescriptions.

1 Week

  • Accumulate more things to your donation box to alleviate the amount of boxes that needs to be moved.
  • Get every one of your family members to prepare a suitcase that’s two weeks worth to prevent rummaging through boxes. Don’t forget toiletries.
  • Check with the moving company and make sure that everyone is on page. Confirm your schedule with them.
  • Make sure all the bills are paid, and there’s a way for you to access your emails and accounts while you’re in transit.
  • Get rid of flammable items.