Don’t Let the Bugs Move in With You

Imageofgirlandpetsittingonthecouchbug free.

Bed Bugs Can and Will Move With You!

When you have bed bugs at home, you might think that the easiest way out is to move. Escaping the infestation isn’t as easy as relocation. The sad news, if you don’t take the correct safety measures, the bed bugs will move with you. So before you move out, make sure that you’ve followed the tips below.

  • Toss all your linen in the laundry and put them on high setting to eliminate surviving critters. When you’re done, seal items in a plastic bag and mark them clean. Cross-contamination is the last thing you want to happen amongst your clothing.
  • Separate all your items and place them in a sealed plastic bag. Towels, clothing, blankets and sheets should be separated from the infested articles.
  • Things that can’t be sanitized by a washer and dryer like books, appliances, and electronics are easily treatable with special heating units. Another way to eliminate bed bugs is to place the items in a seal tight container and treating it with dichlorvos pest strips.
  • Buy a protector that encases your box spring and mattress. With these encasements, it will trap any bed bugs that are inside and also keep the others from entering.
  • If other items are thrown away, make sure to wrap them in plastic. Prevent your neighbors from taking them by marking “bed bugs” on every item.
  • When it’s moving day, every person should shower and place their previously worn clothes in a plastic bag. If you have pets, bath them first so that they are free of bed bugs.
  • Consult with an exterminator on how to remove bed bugs from your furniture.