Best and Worst Days to Move

image of a couple moving

When you move is just as important as how you move.

When to Move and When to Avoid to Move

There are circumstances we cannot control such as when we can move. However, if we are aware of the pros and cons of moving into this certain date, maybe we can reconsider if it’s worth the extra commotion. Here are the best and worst days, months, and time of the day to help you plan for your upcoming move.

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Best Days: Monday to Thursday; Worst Days: Friday to Sunday
Most people move during the weekends due to their work availability. However, it is very busy and high-demand, so it is more expensive and not to mention, less time for you to unpack and organize your new place.

Best Week: Around the 15th; Worst Week: 1st
A mid-month, mid-week move is the most convenient time since it is when the demand is lowest and so, your costs may be lowest as well. Generally, the first of the month is very busy for movers since most leases begin the first of the month.

Best Months: September-April; Worst Months: May-August
Peak moving season takes place in the spring and summer seasons since families with children tend to move during these times to avoid conflicts with school. The weather also makes it ideal for them to move. However, it is best to avoid the high demand season to get the lowest rates.

The Bottomline

Other things to consider are the weather conditions, work schedule, and family concerns (such as having children). If you can try to move during the recommended days, then well and good. However, if you think it will be much more of a hassle for you, then you have to evaluate first if it is all going to be worth it.