Best Cities to Settle Down With a Partner

New Planet biking around a new city with a partner

So you’ve decided to finally settle down with your partner? Figuring out which city to start your life and build your family, or just focus on your career, is quite a tough decision to make. You have to consider all the factors including the cost of living, safety, environment, etc.

Where to Settle Down With a Partner

Since the most romantic season of the year is coming, many couples are deciding where to tie the knot. But aside from all the wedding planning, they are also trying to figure out which city is best for them to live in. Starting a new chapter in your life can be daunting such as moving to a new, unfamiliar city to settle down with your significant other. Here are the best cities to settle down with a partner.

1. Houston, Texas

Being the fourth largest city in the U.S., it gives couples a bunch options to make their own niche and find a community that works for their growing family.

2. Seattle, Washington

This city is a place for all, including the same-sex couples. It also has an above average mean income and the highest percentage city on this list with children under six years old.

3. Dallas, Texas

Dallas gives couples tons of opportunity to both advance their careers and settle down. Plus, it has a relatively low cost of living so you can enjoy all the exciting things the city has to offer.

4. Raleigh, North Carolina

Come down South to enjoy a sweet, carefree life that the kids will surely enjoy. Many of the children in this city are under the age of six so your kids will have a lot of playmates.

5. Washington, D.C.

From cultural excursions to political events, to walking through slices of history at every corner of the streets, couples will always find something interesting in the nation’s capital city. It also offers high mean annual income.