How to Avoid Moving Scams?

Image of a house.

When you start the moving process, the biggest obstacle any person will encounter is finding the right moving company. Some people do not take the time to do their research and find a company with a legitimate business and real customer reviews. When that happens, people most likely find themselves in a moving company scam.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star, Tituss Burgess, was a victim of a moving scam this past July. After receiving a confirmation over the phone with Franks Express, a New York City moving, and delivery service, to pick up a couch from his home, Burgess was tossed into a whirlwind of trouble. He received homophobic slurs and no service after refusing to post a review for the company until the job was done. It was later found, the man who Burgess was in contact with had no affiliation with Franks Express.

Moving scams can happen to anyone

A moving scam can happen to anyone, so to prevent that or other scenarios from happening to you, here are some ways to avoid coming in contact with a moving company scam.

  • Check for a Place of Business: Find an actual address for the moving company. Real companies will post their addresses to the website, sometimes even provide a picture of the building.
  • Keep an Eye Out for a Non-Branded Truck: Any legit, reputable moving company will have a moving truck with the branding and logos of the enterprise. This is to ensure that a scammer won’t drive away with all your belongings
  • Don’t Pay in Cash: Doing this shows no proof of payment for the service that was provided which can cause the company to double charge for the one service.
  • Do Your Research: This is the most important and crucial step in finding a great moving company. Stay away from websites like craigslist to avoid scam movers who could post and pose as any legit moving company they want to. On the sites look for customer testimonials, address, a list of services, and contact information. All of those will guide you into the right direction of a quality company of movers.