5 Fun Things to Do Before Moving

image of group of friends having fun

Before the movers arrive, find out what fun stuff you can do while waiting for them!

How to Spend the Day Before Moving

So there are one or few more days left before the move? Why not do enjoyable things that will surely make your moving process fun. While moving itself may not really sound very enticing, you can still do things that can add up to your happiness level. Here are five of the fun things you can do before moving.

1. Reminisce happy memories

Sure, saying goodbye to your old home can be bittersweet. The sad and happy feeling mixing together is a little confusing. To help you lighten up the mood, it’s always nice to reminisce the happy memories you had in your soon-to-be-old home.

2. Throw a going away party

Say goodbye to your friends and neighbors properly by throwing a going away party. Spending quality time with them for the last time in your old home might give mixed emotions, but for sure, it’s something fun at the end of the day!

3. Become a photographer for a day

Go around your home and take snapshots of your favorite spots! Be spontaneous and creative. Viewing your entire house through lenses give you a different perspective of it and will also give you a picture you can keep and take to your next home.

4. Bring a memento from your old place

Be it your mailbox, doorknob, or favorite plant, take something from your old place to take to your next home. Any meaningful piece will surely remind you of your happy memories there which you may keep as a souvenir!

5. Relax for a day

After all, moving is a tedious process and relaxing for a day is a thing you definitely deserve! Nothing beats a relaxing afternoon spent in bed reading your favorite book, no?