10 Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Move To

Image of a beautiful city from a bird's eye view.

With almost 40,000 cities in the United States, there is no limit to where you could move where your heart desires, except for money. The cost of living seems to have grown more and more with each passing year. It can be hard to decipher where rent is reasonable and where it costs an arm and a leg each month. Here we listed the top ten cities in America with the highest cost of living in terms of rent, price of a home, a bag of coffee, and a dozen eggs.

  1. Washington D.C.

In the heart of our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. hits the top of our list as the most expensive city to live in the United States. The average price of a home is $767,000 with rent averaging at $1,960. For the kitchen basics, you can get a bag of coffee for $4.93 and a dozen egg will cost you $2.36.

  1. Orange County, California.

A change of scenery, we head to the west coast for our number 9 slot, surf’s up! The OC area have homes averaging $721,000 and rental bills around $1,778. The amount of money for a normal starbucks drink is the price you’ll pay for a bag of coffee grinds coming in at $5.33. For a tasty omelet in the morning, a dozen eggs will cost you $2.19.

  1. Stamford, Connecticut

Just under 2 hours from New York City, Stamford is an urban city with history and charm. Named the fourth largest city in Connecticut, the average price of a home in Stamford comes out to $598,000 and rent around $2,109. Coffee sums up to $5.18 for a bag and eggs cost around $2.10.

  1. Hilo, Hawaii

This beautiful tropical city is located on the edge of the Big Island with breathtaking views. You can land a lovely home for about $488,500 or rent for $928. Coffee and eggs are rather on the pricey side of the spectrum coming out to $6.16 for a bag of the grinds and $3.73 for a dozen.

  1. San Jose, California

We come back to the state of California to recognize San Jose at number six. Prices sky rocket here in the housing market with homes starting at $805,000 and rent at $1,738. Good luck getting a can of coffee for less than $7 a bag but it can be made up with a dozen eggs only costing $2.74.

  1. Queens, New York

Home of the Mets has made it to the list of expensive cities! The price of game tickets doesn’t compare to the cost of living, where a house is around $636,000 and rent is a whooping $2,390. Coffee thankfully comes down a little bit living in this city at $5.15 and a dozen eggs is $2.41.

  1. San Francisco, California

Traveling up north along the coast of California, you’ll find yourself in the heart of San Francisco. This city will also hit you in the heart of your wallet, when the average home will cost you $820,000 to own and to rent you’ll be looking at around $2,925. Coffee sky rockets back up $6.04 but a dozen eggs stays under $3.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

We find ourselves back in the islands in the tropical capital of Honolulu! This lavish lifestyle sets the cost of living high here. Home pricing jumps to an average of $742,600 and a rental will land you at around $2,733 of monthly payments. You will also have to suffer in the pantry when coffee hits an all time high at $7.32 and eggs reach the top at $3.39.

  1. Brooklyn, New York

One of the most iconic cities to live in is also the second most pricey. If you are looking to relocate to Brooklyn, be prepared to spend almost a cool million to live in the suburbs of the big apple with the price of $990,500! If you’re looking to rent it’ll be on average $2,493. A bag of coffee goes back down to $5.13 and eggs plummet to $2.61 for a dozen.

  1. Manhattan, New York

Reaching the top of the list, Manhattan is the most expensive city to live in. You can snag a home for over $1.36 million, on average, and rent for almost $4,000. You may want to stick to Starbucks because coffee is back to $6.14, but skip brunch because you can make yourself a better breakfast at home with a dozen eggs for only $2.89.