10 Best States to Retire In

image of a state best to move in for retirement

Each year, about four million Americans retire and a lot are considering which state to move to. But instead of focusing on when, you might want to care more about where. Retirement means living on less income and involves a fundamental change in a person’s lifestyle. That’s why it is important to know where your savings can last longer.

The Top Ten

Some of the basic things that could play a big role in your choices are the kind of climate, quality of health care, transportation, crime rates, housing costs and taxes. Some people have higher sensitivity to climate, especially when they age. It is also important have accessibility to good health care to maximize the aging body’s well-being. Transportation is something to consider, especially if you prefer to use the public transits. Physical security should also be looked at to avoid crime and violence. Housing costs and taxes may also take a major chunk of your savings so it’s best to think about it. The following are the top ten states that total a high score when it comes to these factors.

10. Idaho

Idaho scores highest for its low cost of living, relatively low crime rates and seniors’ overall well-being. The state is best known for its great offers to retirees’ safety and affordability as well.

9. Wisconsin

Wisconsin might be frozen at times, but it’s still great for seniors looking for one of the best medical care and where their savings can go far. It is best for its health care quality, low cost of living and seniors’ overall well-being.

8. South Dakota

The most appealing fact about South Dakota is its lack of a state income tax. It is a practical and an inexpensive state to live at. It also offers a variety of weather so at times, summers can be really hot and winters are dark and freezing.

7. Massachusetts

The Bay State offers retirees a colorful history and culture, as well as a good quality of life. It scores highest for its decent health care, seniors’ overall well-being and relatively low crime rates.

6. Virginia

Virginia is a very affordable state to retire in. The communities are also safe and the weather is pleasant all year-round. Spring brings pretty cherry blossoms and summer gives you a chance to enjoy the state’s Atlantic beaches. Overall, It is best known for its low cost of living, low crime rates and nice weather.

5. Minnesota

Minnesota ranks near the top for health care. It provides low cost and safe cities for the retirees. However, the winter season can be harsh at times but it’s great for those who love the cold.

4. Iowa

The Hawkeye State doesn’t have much beautiful nature sceneries such as mountains and beaches. But your retirement savings will go a long way in this state. The housing is cheap, the health care quality is good and it is relatively low in crime rates.

3. Maine

Aside from the fact that Maine has a high percentage of residents over 65 and makes it easier for the seniors to make friends their age, it also scores highest regarding health care and low crime rates.

2. Colorado

Colorado is generally a much cheaper state to live in than most states. Besides from the low cost of living, the health care quality is good as well.

1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the best choice for retirees as it is a place where seniors can find safety, excellent medical care, satisfaction and friendships. The weather is spectacular too, which makes it an overall perfect place to retire in.

The Bottom Line

Retirement is supposedly the ‘golden years’ of our lives. That being said, you should bring the best out of it with the help of a functional state to live in. With times changing and circumstances developing, retirement five years ago is not the same as retirement now. It’s not that simple anymore, and taxes and rates are getting high and low. The future is uncertain, but retirement shouldn’t be as confusing and frustrating as you thought it would be.