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What Makes a Local Move

A local move that takes place within a 100-mile radius, and the move happens inside the origin of the state. There are a few factors to consider when it comes to costs. The following are some instances that may be taken into account:

Are all your belongings packed on the day of the move?
Is the truck able to park near your property?
Are there any difficult items to move?
How much service do you want the movers to do? Take packing, unpacking and furniture placement in consideration.
To successfully move all your belonging, we heavily rely on effective communication! This is why we strongly urge all our clients to provide us with detailed information before the moving date.
Because we are a full-service moving company, our packages vary from every customer. This means that we are capable of packing everything from furniture to dirty laundry!

You can also choose to pack everything yourself and we’ll take care of all the rest. Based on all the information you give us, we can determine the right number of professional movers to get the job done!

Moving Charges

Labor - You pay an hourly rate for each member of your moving crew. This billing starts from the time they arrive at the job – and ends when they complete their work at your new address.

Trucks - You pay an hourly rate for each truck used for your move. Keep in mind, you will need a truck that has been specifically designed to move household goods, not to move freight.

Materials - You pay for the exact cost of boxes and other packing materials provided by the mover during the move.

Travel time - You pay a fee for the time it takes the mover to get from his facilities to the origin of the move, and back to his facilities after the move is finished. The charge usually equals one-half hour to one hour of the cost for labor and trucks.

Valuation/Insurance - You pay a basic fee to cover your belongings, in case of any damages that occur during your move. This coverage is very important.

The following graph will give you an idea of how many hours and movers you’ll need for the move:

Type of Dwelling
Sq. Feet
No. of Movers
Hours of Loading
Hours of Driving
Hours of Unloading
Approx. Total Hours
1 1/2
2 - 4
1 Bedroom Apartment
2 1/2
1 1/2
3 - 5
2 Bedroom Apartment
2 1/2
1 1/2
4 - 6
2 Bedroom House
3 1/2
5 - 7
3 Bedroom House
4 1/2
6 - 9
3 1/2+
8 - 12+

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing service. My move was fairly big and on short notice, but you handled it extremely well. Jorge, Erik and Louise are three of the nicest guys you could meet. They were so patient and thorough while packing and loading our belongings."

Alicia Davis - Moving From Nevada To Arizona

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